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strut channel bracketry

PRODUCTS >> Strut Spring Channel Nuts


Unistrut channel nuts are manufactured from mild steel bars, and after machining operations are completed, they are case hardened, assuring positive biting action into the inturned edge of the Unistrut channel. The standard channel nut conforms to ASTM A576GR 1015 modified and A1011 SS GR 45.

Jhhaps Industries are the manufacturer of high quality Strut Channel Nuts, Spring Channel Nuts, Short Spring Channel Nut, Long Spring Channel Nuts, Conical Spring Channel Nuts, Top Spring Channel Nut, Hammer Head Channel Nuts that is precisely designed to provide better gripping power with Strut Channels. 

Product Code: Jhhaps - 101 Product Code: Jhhaps - 102 Product Code: Jhhaps - 103
Unistrut Channel Nut with Long Spring Unistrut Channel Nut with Short Spring Long Spring Channel Nut
Product Code: Jhhaps - 104 Product Code: Jhhaps - 105 Product Code: Jhhaps - 106
Top Spring Channel Nut Channel Nut Plain Kwik Nut with Plastic Cap
Product Code: Jhhaps - 107 Product Code: Jhhaps - 108 Product Code: Jhhaps - 109
Unistrut Channel Stud Nut with Spring Hammer Head Channel Nut Unistrut Missing Link Nut

Material: The channel nuts are cold pressed, tapped so that their teeth will provide a "BITING" action into the in turned edges of channel sections. The nut bodies are designed with beveled end which lock into position by contact with interior side walls of channel when turned at 90 degree.

Available Materials :
  The channel nuts are also available in Mild Steel, SS304 and SS316 grades in bright finish
Finishes available:
   > Bright Zinc plated
 > Hot dip galvanized
 > Geomet 321
Sizes Available:
  M6x6, M8x6, M10x8, M12x8, M12x9.5 and M16
Case hardened channel nuts are also available.
Our products are produced as per the requirements of BS6946.
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