strut channel bracketry


Jhhaps Industries are an ISO standard company and is known for producing only the best quality and highly reliable Strut Channel Products. The long experience in this trade we are the result of best quality management in development, production, distribution and service. Our ambitious & talented development engineers are constantly striving to improve existing solutions in terms of precision, ease of application and economic efficiency. No wonder we are counted as best when it comes to product innovation.
We are dedicated to give best quality strut channel products & strut accessories to our customers with continuous process improvement. We are committed to achieve excellence in quality standards and always supply products as per global requirements.

We shall create an environment where each employee contributes to all aspects of our business process and strive for continual improvement to meet customer expectations.


All the channel support system products, manufactured by Jhhaps Industries, are as per International Standards. Our entire product range like Spring Channel Nuts, Strut Channels, Strut Channel Brackets, Unistrut Cantilever Arms, Strut Pipe Clamps, Strut Hanger Clamps, Strut Beam Clamps, Strut Channel Accessories, Threaded Rods, Studs & Bars goes through stringent quality control mechanism where they are checked and calibrated with Ring & Plug Gauges, Micrometer, Venire Calipers & Slip Gauges, etc. Our products are also checked and approved by various agencies for quality and performance as per customer demand.

Jhhaps Industries has an state-of-the-art, spectrometer Laboratory so that we can maintain our competitive advantage by always delivering our Strut Channel Nuts & Accessories, threaded rods and threaded bars products that meet or exceed our customers specifications. We have increased our efficiency and accuracy, eliminating the delay time associated with an outside laboratory, resulting in quick analysis before, during and after production. our spectrometer is used for many aspects of the production cycle including in-coming inspection of materials, metal processing, and quality control of semi-finished and finished goods.